Bubba Jones
Bubba co-founded Critical Sun Recordings with Darrius Willrich. His resume is as wide and varied as they come; he has worked in the music industry both locally and nationally, as well as contributed to Grammy-nominated projects as an engineer.

Projects: Furniture Girls, Bubba's Underground Music

Darrius Willrich
With a degree in jazz piano, Darrius has a talent for writing songs that take you back and propel you forward all at once. He has spent his career as an instrumentalist, band leader, producer and internationally-known recording artist.

Darrius' Solo Project

Jim Watkins
Jim plays many roles at Critical Sun including that of graphic designer, blogger, bassist and songwriter. His artistic talents can be seen (and heard) on multiple Critical Sun releases as well as in his session work for ContactCreate and Moscozzi Music.

Projects: Furniture Girls, Camille Bloom and the Recovery

Kathy Hettel
Dr. Kathy Hettel is a vocalist who follows the tradition of greats like Etta James, Ruth Brown and Dinah Washington -- she is the vocal powerhouse that fuels Hettel Street Blues. Hettel is also a principal contributor to ContactCreate, Critical Sun Recordings primary production partner.

Projects: Hettel Street Blues

Wazhma Samizay & Retail Therapy
Wazhma Samizay has been an ardent supporter of Critical Sun and its artists for years. She has helped raise awareness of Seattle's vibrant music and fashion scene by co-sponsoring dozens of events through Retail Therapy, her successful Capitol Hill clothing boutique.

Thane Mitchell
Thane has been all over the music scene playing drums and percussion, both locally and nationally, with members of The Brand New Heavies, Pearl Jam, Heart, Green Apple Quickstep, Alien Crime Syndicate, Grant Lee Buffalo, ADD, Supersuckers and even the Seattle Symphony.

Projects: Furniture Girls

stayC Meyer
Seasoned veteran stayC has been a force in the Seattle music scene since the mid 1990's. Her affinity for all things musical gives stayC a wealth of influences to draw from and she pours it all into her truly unique vocals.

Projects: Furniture Girls

Rob Marcus
Born and raised in Seattle, Washington, Rob has been surrounded by a thriving music scene from an early age. He always travels with a guitar and the goals of making new friends, creating new music, and making a difference.

Rob's Solo Project

The Januariez
The Januariez are an alchemy of rock, punk, metal, blues and funk. Guitarist and principle songwriter J-knee January met Gorilla J. (bass) and Reno (drummer) in March 2011, while she was performing at an open mic north of Seattle. Two months later, The Januariez were born.


Jeremiah Williams
Producer/songwriter Jeremiah Williams is the creator of Black Champagne, a project built on the legacy of friendship and musical camaraderie shared by his fellow group members.

Projects: Black Champagne